Short Case Paper: Population Group Under Oppression

Four to five pages in length, double spaced, margins 1 inch, and font size 12.

Select a client, family, or population that belongs to a group that is subject to oppression.

Provide corresponding demographic highlights for both client/therapists noting the social location

and which characteristics are similar/different, e.g., race/ethnicity, age, SES, religion, etc.

Provide relevant background information, which includes:

● Practice location/context

● Presenting problem/history of the problem

● What clients are experiencing

● A reasonable statement about the formulation or the provisional etiology of their

problems or challenges

● The cultural, familial, and contextual background (noting all intersectional identities) of

the client’s experience

● A brief summary of the treatment that was done or will be done and how

● Interrogation (critique) of taken-for-granted assumptions about practice

● Identification of how your particular social location has implications on your work with

the selected client(s)

Select an aspect of your work with this family (that you would like to apply theories to in the Theory Paper due Week 8). For this paper, select an issue to reconsider in light of what you know now. It may be that you felt stuck about an issue and were not able to resolve it due to personal, cultural, and systemic factors. This assignment will support the Theory Paper and the final assignment for this course.

Guidelines for paper:

● Title page is not required

● No abstract needed

● Four to five pages in length

● Due before Live Session 4

● Follow APA 7th edition formatting guidelines

● 10% of final grade

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