Shooting Of Ronald Reagan

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1. Watch: The Shooting of Ronald Reagan (How it Was)(National Geographic)(2016)
a. Rating: N/A (gun violence; attempted murder/assassination)
b. Link:
2. Read:
i. Carrie Leonetti, The Constitutional Role of the Insanity Defense: Does Law’s History Matter?, 57
Crim. Law Bulletin (2021)(Start by skimming pg. 9, then read through article as a whole).
ii. N.J.S.A. 2C:4-1.
iii. U.S. Const. amend. VIII; amend. XXV (Amendment 8 &Amendment 25).
iv. Crime File: Insanity Defense:
v. John Hinckley’s Jodie Foster Obsession: 


*Goal: I know you have watched the film, read the articles, and analyzed both


  • Try to complete watch the film and complete the reading before asking questions. Take notes and spend some time reflecting on both!
  • Include Specifics (e.g. note on specific scene or scenes, insight from article, etc.)

Questions that lead to discussion, rather than simply a yes or no answer (i.e. How? Why?)

a. Remember, you will appreciate this when it is your turn to lead the discussion?

  • What do you want to know more about? What do you want to hear your classmate’s opinions on?
  • Compare to what you have learned in other courses or current events (news)
  • Focus on the scholarship
  • A part of the film that you found confusing and why


  • Personal insights (This reminds me of)(I thought that)
  • Provide analysis
  • Feel free to get creative! You could comment something such as, “If I were to recreate this film” or “If I had written this film…”
  • This film/article taught me…
  • How could this film be used to…?
  • This film does not accurately portray
  • The film’s use of x… (lighting, dialogue, etc.)
  • The author of X article might state that…
  • Based on the film, people may assume that… (can be positive or negative)
  • The people/events portrayed in the film…
  • Comparison to other films we have watched
  • Critique: you do NOT have to like the film or agree with its point of view! We will always talk about both the positives and negatives
  • Interpretation with context
    • I do not think this film portrayed X event well because…
    • The author of X article accurately analyzed the film…
    • The author of X article DID NOT accurately analyze the film…
  • This film does a good job of explain X topic/politician/branch of government.

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