Shocks Sepsis

Write a 1000 word essay on the subject of shock, specifically sepsis. Ideally use any real life experiences you have had to inform your writing, however if you have not yet encountered a patient with a shock or sepsis, then you may write from a hypothetical view point. The word count is a guide, there is no penalty for going over or under. If you do use a real patient incident, ensure you maintain confidentiality in your writing.

The learning outcomes to be achieved:
2.2 Explain the following tools available to recognize a deteriorating patient: • NEWS
1.12 Describe nature and characteristics associated with Sepsis.
2.12 Explain how to manage a patient suffering from Sepsis.
3.1 Explain types of shock.
3.2 Explain causes of shock.
3.3 Describe stages of shock.
3.4 Describe signs and symptoms of shock.

Learner brief-
The purpose of this writing is to demonstrate your understanding of shock and the assessment of a patient with sepsis. In your writing include-
What shock is and the stages of shock
Explain the differences between anaphylactic, neurogenic, hypovolemic and cardiogenic shock Describe what sepsis is, and how you would assess a patient with suspected sepsis
Outline the treatment options you have for a patient with sepsis

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