Shelf Audit for Diversity and Inclusion

The availability of requested books and a wide variety of content were singled out by respondents as two areas that they believed needed more attention. Administrators and teachers can do their part to reduce the access gap by increasing their knowledge of the resources made available through the libraries of their respective schools. According to Moreillon (2017), schools that employ certified school librarians to facilitate library services see an increase in student access to materials as well as an increase in reading competency. Students have a need for well-stocked and organized school libraries that provide a wide variety of reading materials in all subject areas, for all reading levels, and in as many forms as students and teachers can access them.
As a librarian, I will be dedicated to the cause of ensuring that all students have access to an education. I will communicate with the school district about budgets to ensure every student has access to resources and technological tools for academic achievement and research purposes. I will make plans to conduct fundraisers to provide more support for the low-income area I serve. I am a firm believer and will push for literacy instruction to be provided by the teachers and myself as a librarian. We can ensure that all students have access to a diverse range of reading materials.
It is common knowledge that students have a greater chance of achieving their educational goals if they are provided with a greater number of reading and writing opportunities, as well as more student voice. I will collaborate with stakeholders to guarantee that all students and teachers have access to print and electronic materials, as well as the instructional support they require to be successful in their academic achievements.

Section 4: Materials Selection Policy/Criteria
a. Identify at least three of the policy’s strengths.
b. Identify three of the policy’s weaknesses.
c. Describe your recommendations (at least three) for revising the Materials Selection Policy/Criteria. Include at least one citation to the course textbook (Collection Management for Youth: Equity, Inclusion, and Learning, Second Edition) or from the ALA Selection Policy Toolkit pages in your recommendations.
d. How does the data you collected in the Collection Analysis Project help in shaping the Selection Policy/Criteria?
e. How does the Selection Policy/Criteria address the needs of remote or virtual learners?
f. How does the Selection Policy/Criteria address the development of your Professional Collection?
g. A part of effective collection development is promoting the collection for the school community. How will you promote your collection, especially new acquisitions?
Part 2
Section 9: Collection Maintenance Plan
a. Explain CREW.
b. Identify your preferred method of de-selection or weeding library materials and explain it. Identify three resources you would recommend for weeding from your school library based on this criteria.
c. Explain why you chose this method and describe your plan for applying this when you become a school librarian. How often will you weed materials? How will you acquire and advocate for funding to replace the materials that are weeded and to generally improve your collection? How will you apply this to the Professional Collection?
d. How does the data you collected in the Collection Analysis Project help in determining which materials to deselect or weed?
Section 10: Collection Development Schedule
a. August:
b. September:
c. October:
d. November:
e. December:
f. January:
g. February:
h. March:
i. April:
j. May:
Section 11: Collection Development Professional Growth Plan
What is your plan to address your ongoing professional learning needs in this area? Identify and briefly describe a resource you would use to continue your growth in this area. This can be a podcast, video, article, eCourse, book, social media group or account, etc.

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