Sexual Assault Laws

Use textbook, related videos, and pdfs to respond to essay questions.  Responses should be thorough, include definitions, examples, and demonstrate clear understanding of conceptual objectives. Each response should be 3-4 double spaced typewritten pages in length.

Textbook – Social Problems by Anna Leon-Guerrero, Sage Publications, latest edition


PDFs – Separate Attachments

Question 5.          Please read chp. 13 on Crime and Criminal Justice, related Sexual Assault and Pedophilia, related PowerPoint Presentations on the Course Homepage, related videos and any relevant other information on course homepage to address the following:

 a)     Why do we have such a high crime/violence rate in the U.S.?  What theories do your textbook offer to explain criminal behavior?  What models of criminal justice do we have?  What punishment theories influence our present day prison system?  What can be done to decrease crime?


b)      Describe the sexual assault laws in New Jersey.  Why do we have one of the highest rates of sexual assault in the industrialized world?  What is pedophilia and why is this also increasing?  What should be done to prevent victimization of children in America?

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