Service Learning

What is service learning and social responsibility to you?
Service learning to me is learning that is experienced by actively participating in different social groups or organizations that an individual is able to use their soft skills to gain a better understanding of a community. Social responsibility is applying that learning to help bring about a better change or successfully address challenges that exist in a particular organization or community need.
Which service organization did you select, and who is your contact (Name, title, address, and phone)?
I chose Metropolitan Ministries as my service organization to gain a better understanding of what they do and how they aid our local Tampa Bay community. It is located at 2002 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33602. The phone number is (813) 209-1000. I will be attending a virtual orientation on Feb 10th and will be assigned a contact once that orientation is completed.
Why did you select this service organization and what needs within the
community does the organization serve?
I chose Metropolitan Ministries because it is a local community outreach organization in Tampa Bay and I feel that you should choose organizations that will directly help your community. When you know more about service groups that are local to your city, then you can witness the benefits first hand of what your contribution or service hours produced or improve. This organization serves families in the tri-county area that are homeless or on the verge of being homeless by providing shelter, meals and other necessities. They partner with different companies around the Tampa Bay area to provide career opportunities, education and support centers for legal, counselling and reunification.
What other groups/individuals/communities (if any) could benefit from the types of services provided by this organization?
Not only do the affected families benefit from Metropolitan Ministries outreach programs but the volunteers and businesses also benefit by becoming aware and alert to a growing problem of homeless in the Tampa Bay area. School students have opportunities to help/volunteer and learn compassion and improve social skills. One of the programs helps the elderly by providing transportation to doctor appointments.
Does the organization have a mission and/or vision statement and if so what is it?
Mission: We care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency… as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.
Vision: Metropolitan Ministries will be America’s most effective caregiver to poor and homeless people.
What do you think you might learn from this project? What specific business
expertise do you anticipate contributing/developing within the service
Not only do I think I will walk away feeling fulfilled and like I made a difference but I truly feel that I will benefit in a professional way, too. I will have the opportunity to see how this large service organization is tiered and able to accomplish so many outreach services. I think I will become more organized and definitely humble. Helping others in need or ones that were not dealt a fair hand in life can help someone mature more and become very appreciative for what they have and have accomplished.

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