Service Apartment

Appraise the feasibility, best development & the rate of return for this white site applying discounted cash flow analysis.
Use the following assumptions:
Land cost = $1,536,087,718.00
Construction cost of office = $3150/m²
Construction cost of retail = $3300/m²
Construction cost of residential = $4250/m²
Ratio of lettable floor area to gross floor area = 0.9 : 1
Office monthly rental = $12 psf
Retail monthly rental = $26 psf
Residential/service apartment rental : $5 psf
Monthly operating cost = $1 psf
Every 5 years rental income and outgoing expenses increase by 5%
Outgoing expenses increase by 10% after Year 30
Floor to ceiling height = 3 metres
Lifespan of proposed building = 60 years
Vacancy rate = From Year 10 onwards, every 5 years at 5%. From year 30, every 5 years at 10%.
1 m² = 10.7639 feet²        (30 marks)
Question 2
Examine the issues of developing a Computer-Aided Property and Facilities Management (CAPFM) for the intended development.      (10 marks)
Question 3
Propose and justify a Computer Aided Property and Facilities Management software for managing the asset, property and facilities of the intended development.      (10 marks)
Question 4
You are aware that in the future that there will be integration of the various ad-hoc building systems and CAPFM through Internet of Things (IoT) to increase productivity and efficiency in asset, property and facilities management.
Appraise how The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming asset, property and facilities management.     (20 marks)
Question 5
You are to prepare a PowerPoint Video presentation demonstrating your cash flow calculations, the CAPFM software to be developed for the intended development and how IoT is transforming asset, property and facilities management.     (30 marks)

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