Seminar Analysis

A. Your first and last name is typed in the Upper left corner of page 1. and then, Center these 3 pieces of information at the top of Page 1., AND IN THIS ORDER:
1.) Title of the seminar (Use the Title on the 1st PPT Slide)
2.) Speaker’s name, title (e.g., Dr., etc.), and affiliation (e.g., Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, UC, Davis)
3.) Seminar Date (Not the date of Submission)

B. Seminar Synopsis: a 2-page summary of the seminar For a research seminar, this would include:
1) A description of the question(s) and why it/they is/are important
2) A statement of the hypothesis(es) if there was one
3) A description of the Methodology
4) A summary of the results
5) A summary of the discussion For a topical seminar (a seminar on some issue such as climate change, etc., but not one describing experimental data) this would include:
1) A description of the issue the speaker is addressing
2) Why this issue is important
3) The researcher’s solution to the problem if one was presented
4) Summarize the evidence supporting the speaker’s point of view
5) A summary of the presenter’s conclusions

C. Lastly, please summarize your overall opinion of the seminar. Statements such as “The speaker did a good job” or “This was the best seminar all semester, I really enjoyed it” are fine for starters, but the following are examples of what I’m looking for here: Do you agree with the speaker’s conclusions? Indicate any notable strengths or weaknesses of the presentation. If you cite a weakness, how do you think it could be corrected?

  • Based on these guidelines, your document should be approximately 2.5-3 pages in length.
  • If you are below 2.5 pages, consider expanding on something.
  • If you are above 3-3.25 pages, consider condensing your paper. • A key factor is that your summary (part b) is two pages in length

HELPFUL HINT 1: • I know that you know how to write the scientific name of an organism (Capitalize the first letter of the genus name and use lower case for the first letter of the specific epithet); both are italicized (e.g., Mareca penelope). Anyway, please write them correctly.

HELPFUL HINT 2: • This is a collegiate-level writing course, and therefore, it is assumed that you have a reasonable handle on writing skills, and that you can read and follow directions. My point here is that you need to use your skills during the preparation of these papers.

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