Self -Regulated Strategy Development

In this module, you will learn about the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model (Harris & Graham, 1989).
The SRSD was first developed to teach the writing process to students with learning disabilities.
The SRSD includes strategies for self-regulation (i.e., self-monitoring and goal setting) and strategies for planning and revising text (Graham & Harris, 2005).

Videos :

instructions :
After watching the videos and reading the provided reading, answer the questions below: make sure to answer each part of each question correctly and to cite and add in text reference for your answers from the reading or the provided materials
1.What are the three stages in the metacognition process? Explain what they are and give a rationale for each one.

  1. Explain how a strategy approach can addres the needs of students who have learning difficulties. In your explanation, identify the cognitive deficits of students who have the disability like autism) and provide reasons to address themusing a strategy approach (
  2. What are the steps for teaching a strategy (e.g., POW) using the SRSD model? Write one sentence for each step describing each one of the step you listed.
  3. In one paragraph, summarize what you learned from Reid et al.’s four chapters.
  4. Identify an empirical peer review research article (I will send you the article you don’t need to search just answer the questions below from the article I sent you ) in which the SRSD model is used as an intervention for the disability of your choice. Please attach a PDF copy of the article and your response to the following components of the article.
    a) Provide the research question(s).
    b) Research method (e.g., single subject)
    c) Subjects, location of intervention (e.g., special ed. classroom), and duration of intervention
    d) Assessment instruments/materials
    e) Results and effect size (if reported).

Note : you don’t need to view all videos just make sure you answer the questions the answers should be in the provided materials and since I don’t know where exactly I sent you all of them
Thank you and please contact me for any question

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