Self-Reflection on Performance Management

Write a self-reflection paper that includes the following:
• Review the feedback delivered from your instructor on previous assignments.
• Before attending this class, what was your understanding of performance management and how you would fit within an organization to support performance? (1 paragraph).
• Discuss what your experience has been with receiving feedback from your supervisor(s) in the past. Professionally but honestly evaluate how those experiences have shaped your behavior as a supervisor. (2 paragraphs).
• Evaluate what you learned over the previous weeks about what it means to assess performance through a lens of compassion and ethics. (2 paragraphs).
• Discuss how you will incorporate these lessons in supervision. (2 paragraphs).
• Describe an action plan to develop your supervision skills. For example, do you plan to attend more OBM-related conferences or attend workshops regarding justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion? (1 paragraph).
• Conclude your discussion with a cohesive summarization of the information you presented. (1 paragraph).

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