Begin With the End in Mind MGMT496
In my e-portfolio, I aim to provide a comprehensive and authentic representation of myself as an individual with diverse skills, achievements, and experiences that have shaped my professional and personal journey. According to Wang and He (2020), a good portfolio enhances the learner’s involvement in learning and promotes self-reflection. Therefore, I want the receiver to perceive me as a dynamic individual with a passion for continuous learning, growth, and positively impacting the world around me. More specifically, I hope my audience will perceive me as a dynamic individual who thrives on challenges, embraces continuous growth, and seeks to make a meaningful impact on the world around me.
First, my e-portfolio will showcase my dedication to education and my pursuit of knowledge. Through carefully selected artifacts, I want the receiver to recognize my academic achievements, including high-performing coursework and research projects, demonstrating my analytical thinking and ability to collaborate effectively with peers. I want the receiver to see the person behind the achievements in that I want them to realize the experiences that have shaped my character and values. Through personal stories and reflections, I aim to convey my empathy, resilience, and adaptability in facing challenges. Furthermore, my e-portfolio will offer insights into my goals and aspirations. I want the receiver to understand my passion for positively impacting society. Whether it is community involvement, volunteer work, or projects that promote sustainability, my portfolio will demonstrate my commitment to giving back and leaving a lasting, positive legacy.
In conclusion, the e-portfolio will present a multifaceted depiction of myself, encompassing diverse skills, accomplishments, and life experiences that have molded my personal and professional journey. I strive for the receiver to perceive me as an adaptable and forward-thinking individual fueled by a desire for continuous growth and a profound dedication to making a positive difference in the world. By showcasing my academic successes, collaborative spirit, and resilience through personal anecdotes, I want to reveal the person behind my achievements and illustrate the values that drive me. Moreover, my portfolio will underscore my commitment to betterment through community engagement, volunteering, and sustainable projects, reflecting my enduring aspiration to leave a meaningful and lasting impact.

Wang, L., & He, C. (2020). Review of research on portfolios in ESL/EFL context. English Language Teaching, 13(12), 76–82.

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