• Analyze your current level of awareness of internal responses to clients as compared to the points made in the Self-Awareness Paper.

Bring ability to tune in to your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Being self-aware also means being able to recognize how other people see you. People who are self-aware recognize their strengths and their challenges. Self-awareness involves being aware of different aspects of the self-including traits, behaviors, and feelings.

• Compare the most challenging experiences with the most satisfying and rewarding experiences during the counseling program.

I would have to say resistant form the client not want to deal with their issue or behavior, establish a set of rules are very hard for an individual just in treatment other challenging is focusing on their strength they have a hard time looking at thing that they do good in rather thing that that fall short in.

• Describe how your specific counselor skills and competencies have developed and how you have grown as a professional counselor. In what ways are you different now than you were at the beginning of the program?

I am learning how to sharpen my counseling skills by using CBT, and other techniques that I have use in groups and individual counseling that has turn out to help me deal with different individual, and has help me grown as a good counselor, when I first started in the program I had no idea that I was going to change my way of looking at situation differently all I wanted to do is to be a better person and to help people that need help.

• Provide a synopsis of how you have worked to achieve personal and professional goals since beginning clinical placement coursework.

• Describe where you would like to see yourself professionally in 5 years.

I would like to have taken the exam and have my own business as a marriage family therapist

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