Security Incidents of Employees in Foreign Countries

– Create a country or office specific security guideline for the employees to follow. This can be a guideline that will help them prevent a security incident, or a guideline to follow after a security event has occurred.
A preventative example may be a guideline may focus on employee travel by taxi in a high risk country. It should walk them through exactly what they need to do use company approved travel, and the security precautions that should be taken while traveling.
A reactive example may be a guideline that they can follow after their laptop or passport has been stolen. It should walk them through everything that they need to do to report through the on-site security manager, local law enforcement, and the nearest embassy or consulate.
Please continue to use the scenarios that you have been using this entire time. Again, I want you to get the most value out of this course that you can, so it’s ok to build something that is also useful in your current organization.

Differing perspectives:
Quite a few of you work in security teams here in Houston. Feel free to use the scenario where you have a foreign employee visiting Houston for the first time, and there is a security event that takes place during their visit. What guidelines would you want them to follow? Personally, I would NOT use an executive example for this, because executives usually leave all of that menial work to people like you and I. For guideline building, use something that will more likely require a solid guideline to be in place. For instance, if your company sends their young, first time managers to Houston from Dubai, and they get into a serious security incident while visiting a club, what guidelines would they need to follow? Or one of the visiting employees has their laptop stolen while taking the bus to work, what guidelines would you have in place for them? A preventative example may be something as simple as how to use Uber for those that don’t have any type of ride sharing services in their country.
I’m pretty flexible with the topic, so choose something that is useful for you and your organization.

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