Security Clearance


– Plagiarism free
– At least 8 pages of substance not including title, references.
– No abstract needed
– References, use as many from sources provided but at least 5 must be from scholarly sources.
– If using references from other sources not provided, please include website where found under references and they must be from scholarly sources.
– Make sure the paper identifies the following:

(feel free to modify, add or remove any of the outline’s ‘headings/sub-headings topic elements within the ‘Intro-Conclusion)

– Title
> Topic: Denial or Revocation of a Security Clearance: Appealing Process
– Intro
>Brief history of the U.S. Personnel Security Program
>Most frequent reasons for security clearance denials and revocations
– Types of clearances
>Industrial vs. Non-industrial clearances
– Appeal process
>Statement of reason
– Conclusion
– References

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