Sector and Context

Consultancy project proposal – additional information

The purpose of the proposal is to outline the agreed definition of the problem you are addressing in the consultancy project, the efforts with stakeholder and the project design. It is acknowledged and expected that the nature of the sector that the consultancy project is carried out might change the overall structure of your final report. There are however common themes that are required for the student to address in the proposal. To give an indication of the areas that should be addressed in the proposal consider the points below:

  1. Briefly introduce the organization, sector and context to the consultancy project.
  2. Clearly outline the agreed problem under investigation.
  3. Outline how the problem is a HR issue of strategic relevance to the organisation.
  4. Introduce academic research to support the proposal and linking the agreed problem with the workforce in general. If prior research was conducted in this area has it been introduced sufficiently.
  5. Outline the student consulting with stakeholder thus far.
  6. Clearly outline how permission has been gained from the stakeholders to carry out this project. Discuss any ethical dilemmas, data management concerns.
  7. Propose research methodology that is sound in reasoning and will yield useful data. Is the logical question being asked to answer the strategic problem?
  8. Data collection: preparation, outline of timelines, plan to collect data, discussion of potential opportunities or barriers to collection.
  9. Proposed how they will analysis their data and use it to propose solution scenarios.

My research organization will be Market Lane restaurant and participants of my survey 20. Can you make the report as per my demand?

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