Secondary Source Analysis


Please select one of the secondary articles in the coursepack sections 4, 6, and 7. After carefully reading the article, please complete the secondary source analysis worksheet. Be sure to fully address each question; you will be graded on the depth of your answers and the accuracy of your analysis and interpretation. This worksheet is slightly different from Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet #1. It has two more questions at the end that require research. The secondary articles you can choose from are:

1. Glenda Gilmore, Whiteness and Manhood, Section 4, p.104.

2. Peter Gottlieb, The Great Migration, Section 6, p.155.

3. Ian Haney-Lopez, The Evolution of Legal Constructions of Race and “Whiteness,” Section 7, p. 184.

4. Mae Ngai,The Immigration Act of 1924, Section 7, p. 191.

Here are the questions (Answer in Question Format not Essay Format):


1. Who is this author and what are his/her credentials? (you may have to do a little research here)

2. Who are the key people in this article?

3. What are the key events?

4. What are the key subjects?

5. Is this article based on primary sources or other secondary sources?

6. Name one primary source the historian uses and explain how he/she uses it.

7. What is the main argument or thesis?

8. How does the writer build her/his argument?

9. How would you critique or question this argument?

10. Through research, please find a primary source document that would support this author’s conclusions in this article. Provide a link to this document.

web address of the document:

11. Explain why you believe this document supports the author’s thesis.

*Remember, you will be graded on the depth of your analysis, the detail of your answers, and your research.

You can access the coursepack materials on my canvas page. For any questions please feel free to reach me. The secondary articles are there too.

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