Scientific Perspectives

TOPIC: Coping with Stress; individual, community, and cultural approaches

Please write a 10-page paper on one of the topics below (single-spaced, 12-pt standard font—i.e., Times New Roman) in a Microsoft Word (or text) document file format. If you prefer to address a different topic, please choose the topic in consultation with your tutor. Your paper should be written in essay style, with an original title, a title page, an introduction, discussion, conclusion, citations, and a reference list that includes all the readings and sources cited in your paper. Your reference style must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
Your paper will be graded for style as well as content. Please see the section of the Course Information titled “Tips on Essay Writing” for information about writing essays.
Note: Your assignment must be submitted online through the designated Assignment Drop Box.
Suggested Topic: Aboriginal health in the twenty-first century

Obomsawin, R. (2007). Historical and scientific perspectives on the health of Canada’s First Peoples.

Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective
Ann McElroy and Patricia K. Townsend Sixth Edition

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