Science Experiment Topic Ideas List

Below are some topic ideas for the science experiment task. You do not have to choose one of the below topics (you can if you would like); these topic ideas (below) are here to help with ideas for this task. Getting Course Mentor feedback or input on your idea before doing the experiment is encouraged.

Remember when planning your science experiment, formulating your specific testable question, and laying out variables, you must have quantitative data (data in numbers) as opposed to qualitative/descriptive/subjective data. For this task, your dependent variable (what you measure) must be quantitative (numeric) in nature.

NOTE: If you choose to do a life science experiment involving an organism (living thing), the experiment must not involve any vertebrate organism; (Vertebrates are animals with a backbone- this includes: mammals-such as humans, dogs, cats, horses, mice; vertebrates also include: birds; fish; reptiles; amphibians).

Science Experiment Topic Ideas:
• Seed germination
• Plant growth
• Food preference of invertebrates
• Habitat use of invertebrate
• Movement of invertebrates
• Growth rates of invertebrates
• Effectiveness of antimicrobial disinfectants
• Bread mold growth
• Decomposition rates
• Chemical reaction rates
• Paper airplane design
• Bounce height of different balls
• Catapulting objects
• Parachutes
• Magnet strength
• Insulators
• Sound conduction
• Heat conduction
• Conducting, generating or storing electricity
• Friction
• Freezing, melting or evaporation rates
• Heating or cooling rates
• Erosion
• pH changes

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