Schools Traditions

The general instruction is as follows:
The aim of examination task 1 is for students to demonstrate that they have become familiar with the school subject relevant to their education.
The task consists of writing a memo in which students discuss the content and traditions of the school subject and the various didactic considerations they need to make in terms of the subject’s purpose and the challenges students face in learning.
The discussion should be well grounded in the subject’s governing documents and in the course literature.
Students will also discuss their didactic choices based on their own stance and positioning on issues of subject conception and epistemology.
• Together with the assignment, an academic yearly plan should also be attached as an appendix.
2 examples are provided. They are simply meant to inspire you to work on your own plans. Remember to add a column for core content and a column for grading criteria so that it is clear when you are working with which core content and when you are going to measure students’ knowledge and against which grading criteria.
Applicable attachment academic year or semester planning:
• Your planning should identify the course or grade for which you are planning and clearly indicate how you concretise the core content, i.e. when and how you plan to work on which parts of it and when and how you plan to measure pupils’ knowledge against the knowledge requirements.
• It is suggested that this be done in the form of a table which clearly shows the different stages of the academic year/term/planning weeks and lessons/content/core content/examinations/knowledge requirements.

The subject is English for Swedish students, the 1st year of High school/upper secondary school. This course is called Engelska 5
Formalities –
The text should use basic didactic concepts and theories. The text should be a maximum of 3 000 words (12 points/paragraphs, 1.5 line spacing), appendix not included in word count.
The text must have correct citations and references..
FYI. The course engelska 5 should enable the students to acquire the CEFR level B2
Attached documents.
• The syllabus for English, and for Engelska5 (in English)
• 2 examples of yearly plans. You should produce a different one, but this can serve as an inspiration. ‘’NP’’ means ‘’Nationela Prov’’ and is the Swedish natial test for the course

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