Scholarly Article Critique Paper:  Proposal Assignment


You will choose a scholarly research article based on a topic in the area of Multicultural counseling that you are interested in researching. For this Scholarly Article Critique Paper: Proposal Assignment, you will select a researched scholarly journal article that pertains to multicultural counseling issues. The journal article you select will be the article that you use for your Scholarly Article Critique Paper: Final Submission Assignment.  Include the scholarly research article and the link to the article. All articles must be from Liberty’s Online Library and no more than 20 years old. Again, you must select a scholarly researched journal article. As a guideline, you may choose from topics including:

  • Counseling Minorities
  • Counseling Women (discrimination, harassment, and victimization implications)
  • Counseling Individuals living in Poverty (poverty and mental illness implications)
  • Classism and the Minimum Wage
  • Health Care Inequalities
  • Counseling Individuals with Disabilities
  • Counseling Multiracial Populations
  • Counseling Immigrants and Refugees
  • Non-Western Indigenous Methods of Healing implications
  • Microaggressions and Implications in Counseling.


Include the following in the Scholarly Article Critique Paper: Proposal Assignment:

  1. Page 1 – A title page in current APA format, which includes the topic you have chosen for the paper (see the Scholarly Article Critique Paper: Proposal Sample).
  2. Page 2 – Provide at least 250 words of vital information from the article. The 250 words should include the name of the author, the hypothesis of the research study, participants in the study, methods used in the study, and results or conclusions of the study. NOTE: If the journal article does not include the vital information above, it is NOT a scholarly researched article!
  3. Page 3-Provide a reference page (see the Scholarly Article Critique Paper: Proposal Sample) with ONE scholarly journal article listed along with the link or doi of the reference provided.

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