Scene Analysis: Narrative

School of Rock (2003, Richard Linklater)
Main characters:
Dewey Finn (Jack Black)
Ned Schneebly (Mike White)
Patti Di Marco (Sarah Silverman)
Rosalie Mullins (Joan Cusack)
Theo (Adam Pascal)

Write a short, 2-3 page essay discussing how the opening scenes make use of the opening
balance-disordering events dynamic to establish the protagonist’s dramatic crisis.
Answer the following questions in your essay:
1. Who is the film’s protagonist? Who is/are the antagonist(s)? Who are the main
supporting characters?
2. Describe the protagonist’s opening balance. What is his/her job? How do we see the
protagonist is living a standard routine life? Is the protagonist a likable character?
3. Explain the disordering event(s) that break the protagonist’s opening balance. What
happens in complicating the protagonist’s life? What decisions do he/she make to deal
with the problem?
4. Describe how further disordering events complicate the protagonist’s dramatic crisis.
How do the appearance of new characters and events affect the protagonist? How do you
judge his/her handling of the new problematic events?
5. If you have not seen the film, does the opening scenes make you want to watch it? If you
have seen the film, were you attracted by the way it begins? What is your opinion of the
protagonist and his/her dramatic crisis?
Important notes on writing style: In your first paragraph, when you identify the film you
chose, write in parenthesis the year of production and the director. When you first refer to a
character, write in parenthesis the name of the actor playing the character. Afterwards, use only
the name of the character.

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