Sanctuary Cities

Question 1

For this week’s writing response, you’re asked to view the following clip on Sanctuary Cities and read the proceeding article titled, “Federalism, the Constitution, and Sanctuary Cities.” Then, you need to write a 400-word response about both sources by discussing their main arguments and how they relate to the issues of federalism and immigration. While you can use select quotes from the article, it must be primarily your interpretation of the sources.

President Trump signs order to strip sanctuary cities of federal funding .

“Federalism, the Constitution, and Sanctuary Cities 

Question 2

View the documentary on the erosion of our civil liberties (ABC) and then post whether your believe the Executve Branch (Presidency) has violated our civil liberties as written in the bill of rights. You may but are not required to respond to other student postings.

Question 3

If you had the power to amend the constitution to include a right to a jury trial, what sort of provision would you draft?

Question 4

Give a brief summary and timeline of the history of the US Constitution from its inception to modern times. Include major historical figures in your summary and describe the role these figures played in the formation of the Constitution. Within the timeline that you constructed, which events do you think were the most crucial in forming the Constitution? Explain your answer.

Essays should be a minimum of 1 one single spaced or two double-spaced typed pages and no larger than 12-point font. Be certain to support your ideas with reasons, examples, and citations.

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