1. Ella Carnes had just left her sales meeting and was a bit uncomfortable with what she had just heard from her sales manager, Jeni Merritt, who stated for the next two weeks the sales reps were obligated to close on each and every sales call. Jeni did not think her reps were closing enough and based on their call reports they did not have a high enough closing ratio. Her only solution was they needed to try to close more often.
    Ella was not sure this was going to work. What should Ella do next now that she has this direct order from her boss? How would you handle this situation?
    (A) Obey orders and close early and often.
    (B) Ella should look for closing opportunities and close when they appear.
    (C) Ella should tell her boss this is not what she learned in college.
    Explain your selection.
  2. What do you think a salesperson hopes to accomplish by providing his or her customers with useful information after the sale? Provide an example of when you have experienced this personally.

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