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Good Morning Sir/Class

My Name is Randy Holmes and I work at Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus Mississippi as the Flight Safety Manager. I am responsible for ensuring the the Flight side of our safety program is effective and that we are working in the guidelines of our Air Force Instructions. I am also a Aircraft Mishap investigator. I attended the Aircraft mishap investigation course offered at Kirkland AFB and I have personally been involved in numerous mishap investigation. I am taking the classes as I work on my bachelors degree in occupational safety to further my knowledge in safety. I have am opportunely to be come the Safety directorate here at Columbus and will be required to have a solid foundation of both the flight and the occupatational side of safety.

Unfortunately we have had a work place tragedy here at Columbus. We had a contract worker that had to go down into a man hole to work on an air supply system. At the time our confined space program required some needed updates. The individual entered the man hole without proper authorization since it was a certified confined space and did not properly lock or tagout the air supply system. During his maintenance the air valve failed came apart. The fragments of the airvalve which was under high pressure took his life.

Since this incident we have made a lot of changes to our confined space program to ensure our licensed spaced are identified and maintenance understands the procedures as well has making sure all are instructed on our lock out tag out procedures. I am really looking forward to this class. In the world of the Air Force most of our maintenance is contract here at Columbus. The way the contract is written is that the contractor is responsible for their own safety program. The only time we get involved is if government property is damaged or a government employee is injured. Looking forward to leaning more about contractor safety.

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