Roles of Management

As a manager or leader in any organization, it is vital for you to understand critical cyberlaws that affect your organization so that sound policies, procedures, and guidelines can be established to ensure that your organization conforms to the various laws. It is also important for employees of an organization, as well as other entities that interact with the organization, to understand the basics of the cyber laws that are enforced within your organization.

For this assignment, you’ll be building a presentation that briefs your leadership at GL&BC about the cyber legal issues pertaining to your branch’s host country. You need to put this in terms of business impacts:
• What does a business have to do to achieve compliance?
• What will that cost in terms of operating costs as well as investment costs?
• What are the upsides (the gains to be made) by achieving a strong, visible compliance posture?
• What does the company stand to lose (put at risk) by not achieving effective compliance?

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