Role of a Compliance Officer


  • Fully address the question(s) in the assignment section below.
  • Be written in complete sentences and at least 600 words in length.
  • Fully Include reference information for any law or regulation cited, laws and regulations are extremely important and pertinent for the assignment.
  • This is to be crafted from the healthcare compliance side (point of view)


As discussed in the readings, the most efficient and effective approach of a compliance office is not to be a police officer focused on finding all instances of non-compliance. An effective compliance program manages risks and is able to prioritize their activities based on the magnitude of the risk posed. 

Discuss how you would apply this approach in the healthcare setting i.e how would you build a culture of compliance that creates an environment where people aren’t just scared of you catching them doing something wrong, but feel comfortable self-reporting violations, filing complaints, or asking for additional guidance on a certain topic. 

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