Role Change

Question 1

Requires 3 references with in text citations.

Topic 1: Diverse Populations and Age.

Read the required readings. Consider the influence of socioeconomic status (SES), culture, gender, ethnicity, and spirituality on mental and physical health for the individual in various health care settings, as it relates specifically to age in adulthood. Construct your post addressing young, middle and older adult related risks concerning a topic. (Young adults are 18–35, not adolescents). Consider physiological, psychological and iatrogenic risks

Be creative in how you address the discussion. You may choose a specific health topic, social health issue, a health condition or create a family scenario. Consider life transitions and role change. Be sure to include risks, addressing the issue across the adult lifespan. Integrate some social, spiritual and environmental influences on mental and physical health.

Question 2

Most nurses work in healthcare facilities where they encounter diverse client populations. When you think about the term “diverse” in the phrase “diverse client populations” what meaning does the term have for you? Discuss the values, attitudes, and/or behaviors that you associate with that term. Also describe two ways you believe caring for diverse client populations might impact the care they are given?


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