Rock Genre

Question 1

Using our text for support, explain, in your own words, how the Beatles impacted popular music. Be sure to discuss: a. their impact on the rock genre; b. their influence on the rising subculture; c. and the importance of the Dionysian response, which you should also define (based on readings and discussions earlier this semester). Identify another artist or group from our text who had a similar influence and longevity, and explore their impact as well. Finally, with respect to both The Beatles and whichever second artist/group you chose, be sure to explore their connection to and influence upon modern day music. While this will be referenced in the text, the foundation for this particular response is more likely to come from your discussions on the Board during Week 6, outside research, and your own opinions and experience as long as they are supported with outside sources and/or make use of detailed anecdotal support.

Question 2

“Looking Back & Looking Forward.”

  • Of all the concepts and ideas we have examining during this class, which three (3) do you think are the most important to a career in project management? Why?
  • If you had to summarize the entire course in no more than three (3) sentences, what would those three (3) sentences be?

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