Risk Level


For your investment portfolio, you will select three specific investments (e.g. companies for stock, mutual funds, bonds, banks for savings, or other investments) as described in the lesson. Based on your review of the lesson, you are now aware of the risk associated with each type of investment. To find specific examples of these types of investments to include in your portfolio, consider searching by type of investment and then narrowing your selection to a single investment such as a specific company or fund. Your portfolio must include ONE investment option for each level of risk: aggressive, moderate, and conservative. Organize your research by filling out a data sheet for each investment. Keep in mind that that the rates of return are unknown for some types of investments. Use these resources to help you find the following information:

  1. Name of company or investment
  2. Contact information
  3. Company details
  4. Type of investment (ex: stock, CD, mutual fund, bond, etc)
  5. Risk level (high, moderate, or low)
  6. Expected rate of return
  7. Minimum required investment (dollar amount; note for stocks, this is the cost of one stock at current trade price)
  8. Why are you interested in this investment? (Be sure to discuss statistics found in research and include at least five sentences.)

Complete this worksheet for each investment option you research. Remember that you will have to include at least one conservative investment, one moderate investment, and one aggressive investment in your portfolio.

Investment Data Sheet

Name of company or investment

Contact information

Company details

Type of investment

Risk level

Expected rate o return

Minimum required investment (dollar amount)

Why are you interested in this investment?
(Be sure to discuss statistics found in research and include at least five sentences.)


Collect visuals representing important information about your investments. Examples of visual evidence include screen captures of a website showing stock values for a given day, a scanned image of a newspaper stock table, etc. Evidence should show the date of publication as well as the source. You can also choose to create graphs illustrating the prices of your individual stocks over time and a graph of the overall portfolio value over time.


You have many choices in how to present your plan. Choose the option that best showcases your investment portfolio. You can choose to create a slideshow, a blog, a document that summarizes your research, etc.

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