Risk Factors and Social Determinants

Question 1

Choose a mental illness you are interested in. Follow the illness through the life course and answer the following questions:

  • Describe the mental illness you have chosen.
  • Describe the onset, course, and outcome of the illness.
  • Describe physical illnesses that have been shown to accompany this mental illness.
  • List some indicators (dimensions) that have been linked to the mental illness.
  • Identify some risk factors and social determinants of the mental illness.
  • Describe how this illness is being treated in the U.S. behavioral health systems. List any barriers to obtaining mental health treatment.
  • Explain whether this illness can be prevented. If so, discuss some methods of prevention.
  • Define mental health promotion. Identify a promotion strategy you would implement for this illness.
  • Identify some cultural differences found globally for this illness. Describe differences in the symptoms and aspects of the illness compared to the United States.
  • Write a conclusion that sums up all of these statements, and the future direction of addressing this mental illness.

The paper should have at least three peer-reviewed articles to provide evidence for the information in the paper. The paper should be four to six pages in length, with a title page and reference list. An abstract is not needed. Use APA style.

Question 2

Develop a two- to three-page case study of a person with major depressive disorder. Include comorbid physical illnesses. Present some opportunities for health outcome improvement of these illnesses through the promotion of positive mental health

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