Right Answer

Question 1

After reading two articles, share your responses in the Discussion Board, especially if you’ve already covered the chapter material as context for your understanding.


Do you believe that happiness is more contagious than unhappiness?

If that is the case, why are other “negative” elements, such as obesity, similarly contagious?

According to the article (or your own inferences) why is happiness less contagious at work?

How do you feel social networking has impacted this trend, whether it be for better or worse?

Finally, regardless of what the article states, do you believe this to be true? Have you experienced or observed it in your own lives ?

Article #1: The Contagion of Happiness Article #2: Can Social Media Make You Happy?

Question 2

This discussion is pretty deep and there is no “perfectly right answer” to it, but it is about something very important that few people know anything about. LSD (you may have heard of the infamous Tim Leary) and a host of other powerfully hallucinogenic psychoactive substances have been used for centuries to invoke religious inspiration. You should do at least some outside research before you compose your post. but here is the Discussion Question for Module 6: Why do these chemicals have a connection to religious/philosophical perspectives?

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