Reward Principles

Based on comprehensive research, you are required to produce an academic paper, analysing the key factors in a successful reward environment, then applying them to an organisation you are familiar with.

In your paper, address the following key headings:

  1. Reward Analysis

The relevance and availability of Reward Data (Internal and External) to your chosen organisation

The links between Reward and Business Strategy in the organisation, considering Internal and External context and culture.

A critique of the organisation’s existing Reward Strategy outlining the key factors contributing to its success or failure.

  1. Key Reward Principles

Evaluate the Key Reward Principles listed below and discuss how they are applied, or not, within your chosen organisation:

  • Total Reward and the contribution it makes to sustainable organisational performance.

  • Best practice in regards to equitable, fair, consistent and transparent Rewardpolicy, and how it compares to your chosen organisation.

  1. Role of Line Manager

Discuss the role of the line Manager in Reward Decision in the organisation and how it can and should contribute to decisions on Reward. Consider the impact on morale, motivation the psychological contract, and ultimately organisation success.

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations

Considering all of the above make a clear, concise and actionable set of conclusions and recommendations to improve or build a successful Reward system in your organisation

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