Review – Exam III – SOC 462 – Sociological Theory

What were some of the historical events that help us understand the rise of modern sociological theory?

Symbolic Interaction

What is the Thomas Dictum? Provide an example (not used in class already).

What is “social constructionism”? Use it to explain a reality I will choose.

What are the mains principles of “dramaturgical”? Be able to use them to interpret an event.


What did Gramsci mean by “hegemony”? What is an example of this?

Who are the main groups in Mills’s power elite model? What would be an example of them?

What was the Frankfurt School’s critique of culture? What is an example of this?

What are the three key locations in the international division of labor, according to Wallerstein?

Feminist Theory

What are the basic principles of feminist theory? What were the first and second waves?

Be able to discuss gender inequality from both structuralist and constructionist points of view.

Theories of Race and Racism

What is the colorline? How does it get expressed in social institutions? In culture?

What does “racialization” mean? What are racial projects? Provide examples.

What does the “declining significance of race” mean in Wilson’s analysis?

Be prepared to analyze a policy or social event in a way where you can compare and contrast two different theoretical perspectives. Be able to discuss what each reveals or does not, and how they provide different and/or complementary ways to understand an issue.

Uses of theory: Describe, Interpret, Explain, Predict, Critique, Praxis

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