Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is an important tool in many engineering designs that require dissecting
of similar products, already available in the market, to learn how they work, and to inspect if
there is any product mistakes or violations that can be avoided in our ongoing design. The
purpose of this assignment it to practice reverse engineering on a product of your choice.
Things you should do:
1. Select a device or product used in your household or in your office. The price of this
product, which may be purchased, should not exceed 5 KD = 20 USD. The product should include at
least five components.
2. Completely disassemble the device and describe the function of each component (take a
photo picture and use it as a representation figure for documentation purposes) and how
the product functioning as an assembly.
3. You will need to measure each component and try to provide accurate dimensions as
much as possible. Name and number each component.
4. Based on your disassembly, inspection and analysis, how could this device be
redesigned to have better assembly and functioning? Also, can the disassembly steps be
improved for reducing time and effort?
5. Write a short technical report about your reserve engineering experience.
5. The short technical report should include:
• Introduction
• Problem statement
• Reverse Engineering Analysis
• Conclusion
• References
• Appendix (if needed)

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