Resume Statements

Some recruiters claim to spend no more than 10 seconds on résumés. Wordy experience statements in résumés are a turnoff to busy recruiters and employers alike.

Effective résumés are written in a truncated style that eliminates articles (a, an, and the) and uses shorthand to communicate.

          Wrote 35-page business plan.

          Catalogued 500+ case files.  

Well-written résumés also use strong action verbs to describe employment achievements and avoid generalities. Refer to the employment chapters in Dr. Guffey’s Essentials of Business Communication or Business Communication: Process and Product for specific advice on résumé composition.

Revise the following experience statements for conciseness. Some statements may also be improved by replacing weak verbs.

  1. Was responsible for supervision of four associates and allocated the daily tasks.
  • Attended to a variety of customer inquiries in a busy office of 16 insurance


   3.       Addressed and resolved complaints of tenants for problems such as leaky

             faucets and clogged drains.

   4        Made sure the office ran smoothly every day by answering phones and                 taking about 50 messages.

   5.       Volunteered for an after-school tutoring program where I tutored a group 

            of 12 boys and girls.  

   6.      Managed an entire database for two months for one of the sales

            departments in the company while the manager was away on maternity


   7.      Watched 25 or more volunteers and made sure they gave out magazines to

            the patients.

   8.      Promoted after only six months to one of the first managerial positions for  

           a start-up company’s business.

   9.      Assisted with the company’s financial bookkeeping with software like Excel.

   10.    Went to Spanish classes to improve my speaking and writing of Spanish.

   11.    Wrote down the minutes for meetings of the Future Accountants Club.

   12.     Led the analysis and strategic plan of the purchasing department to help 

            the organization’s objective of reducing costs.

   13.     Designed and created a system that improved the day-to-day operating


   14.     I was awarded honors for gathering the most donations for a silent auction 

            that benefited poor families in my community.

   15.     Did the coordination of costs for a project that brought in more than  

           $5,000 net revenue.  

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