Resource Access

Question 1

Discuss how access to resources may or may not be a source of power

Discuss what is meant to empower employees and how are policies related to the idea of empowerment. In addition, would you think initiatives of empowerment work well within an environment which is micro-managed?  Why or why not?

Discuss in scholarly detail how strategic analysis at the corporate level differs from strategic analysis at the business unit level.  How are they related?

Discuss in scholarly detail some critical limitations and shortcomings of the portfolio approach to strategic analysis.

Discuss in scholarly detail size, age, management, business definition, linkages and other factors as the focus of strategic analysis and choice across multiple businesses and their interface with a parent company.

What are key concerns functional tactics must address in marketing? Finance? POM? Personnel? Discuss in detail.

How can policies control decisions while defining allowable discretion in which operating personnel can execute business strategies?

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Question 2

How do modern communication technologies provide both opportunities and constraints for organizations to control their employees’ actions (?)

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