Research Thesis Statement

Create an outline in order to help develop your research topic and get you started on your Research Proposal (Assn 2 & 3). Your outline should be no more than one page in length. It should contain the following:
1.Identification of the research problem. What is the research problem or topic that you are going to be studying? Try to sum this up within a few sentences.
2.Identify concepts being studied
3.Identify the main categories you will need to write about (e,g, if your topic is about breastfeeding, social media and social support, you will need to identify these topics areas: look at social support and breast feeding, breastfeeding and social media etc).
4.Identify any theory or conceptual model that might be being used.
5.Identify your search strategy, what key words you have used, plans to narrow or expand your search strategy, and how many articles you have found to date.
6.A draft of your thesis statement.

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