Research Paper

Your research paper will be an exploration of two (2) theories of family therapy, the clinical applications and the evidence-based practice and interventions associated with each theory.

Your paper will have two parts:

Part I : Research [75% of your paper]
Compare and contrast Research on the 2 models of family therapy you chose.
Areas to address must include but are not limited to:

What research purports to be the strengths and limitations of each theory and therapeutic techniques associated with each theory.
Your own understanding of the research presented and its clinical application.
In consideration of evidence-based practice, discuss the research on culture, diversity and socioeconomic status specific to each theory.
What legal and ethical issues may arise with each theory and technique?

Part II: Application [25% of your paper]
Create a family intervention plan integrating and applying the Research you presented in Part I. You can create your own original family scenario, or you can use fictional characters from TV, the movies or literature. Do not use real persons. This is to be a fictional family you are working with. Please specify the source of your fictional scenario.

Briefly set the stage of the family you will be treating. This should be no more than ½ page.
Given the evidence-based research on the theoretical techniques you presented in Part I, discuss how you would treat this family. Remember to integrate and apply the information from Part I.
Consideration of culture, diversity and legal/ethical issues must be included.

The final paper should be 10-12 pages plus a title and reference page.

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