Research Paper

The lengths of the research paper will be seven pages (doubled spaced). Your paper should
include three major sections: the Title Page, Main Body (5 pages), and References (one page). No
Direct Quotes are allowed for your paper. See below for the scoring rubric. The project must be
submitted in Microsoft Word format.
You need to submit your paper to via course website. All papers must have an
originality score of 25% or less (meaning that 75% or more of the content is original to the
author). This score includes references and quotes. You must review your originality report after
submitting your paper to ensure that your score is appropriate. I recommend submitting a draft in
advance to confirm that your score will be acceptable.
Scoring Rubric for Final Research Paper (50 points possible)
Content of the Paper must include:
-Introductory paragraph (with citations)
Introduce general idea
Explains why this topic is important
Define the age range that you will focus on
Explains what the paper will cover
-Specific developmental characteristics/trends related to topic and age/life phase are discussed
-Content is accurate, comprehensive, relevant to developmental phase overall
-Major points are stated clearly, supported by specific details, examples, and analysis
-Integration of research findings, background reading is appropriate, supports rationale (information from at least 6 high quality sources is included)
-Recommendations/implications for developmentally appropriate practice are logical, follow from discussion
Organization:Meets minimum page requirement
Clarity of expression
APA style

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