Research Paper

A 9 page research paper on a topic of your choice. You should incorporate a minimum of 8 sources. APA FORMAT. You might think of this as a long literature review/research paper, but you might also be arguing/advocating for a particular policy/practice (you might discuss prevalence rates, current prevention efforts, and relevant court cases)

Research question: Is delinquency prevalent to low income communities

I. Introduction

II. What Is Social Class, and Why Is It Important?

III. Exploring the Social Class–Crime Link

IV. Explaining the Relationship Between Social Class and Criminality

V. Perceptions of Crime as a Lower-Class Phenomenon

VI. Social Class and Criminal Victimization

VII. Social Class, Crime, and Policy, Cases

VIII. Whose Crimes Are More Harmful?

IX. Conclusion “Is delinquency prevalent to low income communities “

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