Research on Scientist Contributions to Chemistry

For this assignment, you will write a research essay about a scientist who contributed knowledge to the field of chemistry. Your essay should include the following information about your scientist:

  1. Describe your scientist’s contributions and innovations to his or her field.
  2. How did your scientist’s research and data influence future use of his or her findings?
  3. Describe the background, interests, or goals that affected your scientist’s observations and conclusions.
    Once you have selected a scientist, you will need to locate at least three different reliable resources to use to conduct your research. You may use textbooks, the Internet, or library books. These resources should be cited within your essay and should be listed in a bibliography that you submit with your essay.
    Be sure to use complete sentences and paragraphs, and include all of the necessary research required. You should also review the grading rubric before you begin. Select one of the following scientists to conduct your research on:
    Prafulla Chandra Ray
    Rosalind Franklin
    Kenichi Fukui
    Maria Goeppert Mayer
    Yuan T. Lee
    Lise Meitner
    Mario Molina
    Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao
    Moddie Taylor
    Ada Yonath

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