Research on Anatomy

(For up to 25 points) Find an article in some non-technical source dealing with
anatomy. Sources to conside!:.,are newspapers, mass circulation magazines, or
general science publications. Do not use a scientific, medical, or nursing journal
and do not use trade publications or medical pamphlets like those found in
doctors’ offices. Also, because of the varied nature of internet articles, do not use
any publication that is distributed solely on the internet. Biogs are not acceptable.
In other words, a simple Google search will not cut it for this type of extra credit.
Make sure the article deals with the human body and how it works. Don’t use
articles that deal with very general health issues like how to eat a balanced diet,
how to stay fit as you get older, or general comments about some disease or
medical condition. Rather, look for articles that deal with some body part or
physiological process. Examples might include an article on osteoporosis – how it
comes about, the structures affected and new ways of dealing with it. The article
must have been published in the last 12 months. A good test for an articles
suitability would be what specific body part is mentioned in the article. You must
circle the body part mentioned in the article before you hand it in. Article length is
not important and some newspaper articles may only be a few paragraphs long.
Five articles may be turned in. They will be worth 5 points each. You must
find a suitable article, type a brief three paragraph summary, tell why you found it
interesting, tell how it relates to this class, and attach the full article or a
Check List for Option 1
—– Article from a non technical source (not a medical, nursing, or scientific journal)
Published in the last 12 months
Body part circled in the article (not in your summary)
Your summary includes what the article was about
Your summary tells how the article relates to anatomy
You tell why the article was interesting to you
Photocopy or original article to hand in
Make sure your summary is typed and at least three full paragraphs
Health magazines
Prevention magazine
Men’s Health
Shape Magazine
Fitness Magazine
List of publications acceptable
Health Magazine
Arthritis Magazine
Men’s Fitness
Popular magazines
Readers Digest
Better Homes and Gardens
National Geographic
Women’s Day
Time Magazine
Ladies Home Journal
Sports Illustrated
Self Magazine
Other magazines
Discover Magazine
Scientific American
Science Magazine
U.S. News and World Report
Fresno Bee San Jose Mercury
San Francisco Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
Sacramento Bee
New York Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Bakersfield Californian

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