Research Insights

1, Important: write a campaign critique assignment based on what you have read in class. and Please do not plagiarism.

2, Very important, please read the requirement and rulebook for the assignment3 before writing paper.

3, Very important, please use concepts and theories


Please note that apart from proposing alternative strategies to address the target publics of the original campaign, you may also need to consider if other elements of the campaign plan should be adjusted, for example, objectives and target publics. You might also want to initiate a new campaign if you find the

current public relations efforts are insufficient to address the opportunities or threats identified in your situation analysis. This hinges on your insights into the situation including the various publics. Therefore Assessment 2 paves the way to Assessment 3.

To provide the rationale for your recommendations, you

need to draw on research insights and also engage with relevant theoretical literature (at least 7 academic



Assessment Criteria:

• Effective research of the organisation, the situation and the public relations campaign;

• Demonstrated understanding of relevant concepts, theories, procedures and tools;

• Demonstrated ability to offer thoughtful critique and recommendations;

• Writing style (e.g. structure, clarity, grammar, referencing (Harvard style)).

2000 words

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