Research and Writing Project

Historical research necessitates utilization of primary sources, such as newspapers. From colonial times, newspapers in this country have been important in reporting, interpreting, and sometimes shaping events.
For this project, you are to locate two newspapers from the time period of our course of study (after 1877, but no later than January 1, 2017). You may find your newspapers at public libraries (such as the downtown Nashville public library or Archives), though you more than likely will do your research on the Internet. Our own NSCC library has the New York Times archives from 1859, as well as archives of other newspapers. You should not use sources online that you have to pay for. If you are asked to pay for access to the newspapers, do not do so, just continue your research and find materials that are free. Note, newspapers only must be used for this project, not magazines, books, books about newspapers, or other sources.
You may choose to research an event such as D-Day, Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Titanic, the day after President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, or John Lennon were killed; the events after September 11th, etc. It is completely acceptable to pick a date that has some significance to you: birthday, wedding date, a record of a favorite sports team, Olympics, or so on. The most important thing in this assignment is for you to choose something that you WANT to write about.
What to Discuss:
You are asked to find two newspapers from the time period of this course and to read and review the articles. Importantly, you cannot choose the same dates for each paper. Meaning if you choose November 22, 1963 for one paper, you cannot choose that for the other. The newspapers may both be, for example, the New York Times or the Tennessean, but cannot be on the same date.
Address the following:
– A brief overview of the event.
– What made you choose this particular date and event? Do you have a personal connection to it?
– What made it so important?
– Who/what were the key figures involved?
– Did this have a significant impact on the United States?
– What are the similarities/differences in the coverage of the event/person (if you choose the same event)?

Paper Details:
– 2 full pages for one newspaper, 2 full pages for the other newspaper, and a Works Cited Page.
– 1” margin on all sides – Times New Roman, 12 point font.

– Page numbers in the top right corner of each page, omit numbering the cover page.
– Black ink (ONLY)
– Paper should be double spaced (do not put extra spaces between paragraphs).
– Your chosen newspaper (name and date) must be cited at the top of the page when you are reviewing it. Failure to do such will result in a significant reduction of your grade.

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