Research and Survey

  • Try to come up with a Research Question for your Dissertation
  • Discuss the Research Design you will use
    o Ontology (Objectivism, Constructivism, etc.)
    o Epistemology (Positivism, Interpretivism, etc.)
    o Methodology (Inductive, Deductive)
    o Methods (Quantitative or Qualitative)

Part Two (40%): Design and conduct a survey OR an interview Survey:

  • Sample size: 15-20 respondents
  • 10-15 relevant questions
  • You should have a good matrix for measurement (Yes/No; Very bad/Bad/No Opinion/ Good/ very Good)
  • Conduct it on any free survey software (Survey Monkey)
  • Send the survey link to all the survey participants (me included)
  • Include the survey results link in the Appendix Interview:
  • Sample size: 2-4 respondents
  • Structured, semi-structured, or unstructured
  • 5-10 relevant questions
  • You should have an interview protocol
  • Conduct it on campus or off campus
  • Include the interview protocol in the Appendix

Part Three (20%): Once you get the results

  • Discuss what you have found?
  • What are the limitations of your research design?

NOTE: The final assignment document should be one file (MS Word).

• Word count: 1500-2000
• Cover Page, Table of Contents, References and Appendix (if applicable) are excluded from the total wordcount
• Font: Times New Roman 12 pts
• Text alignment: Justified.
• The in-text References and the Bibliography should follow the Harvard style.

Learning Outcomes
This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject to devise a research strategy/research plan
  2. Demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different research methodologies

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