Requirements and Challenges Worksheet

The path to becoming a police officer and being eligible to be promoted start with an understanding of the expectations of an officer and the role of diversity in the field. In this assignment, you will show your writing and critical thinking skills. There are two parts: Part 1 focuses on recruitment and training; in Part 2 you will explain the importance of diversity and the challenges diverse candidates face.

Part 1: Recruitment

As a potential candidate, the recruiter and hiring officer wanted to test your skills at answering questions and providing supportive content. In this part of the assignment you have two short answer questions you have been asked to address.

Answer each question in 45 to 90 words each.

  1. Which type of mentality makes the best police officer: warrior or guardian? Explain why.
  2. What are the requirements to become a police officer? What are the components used to test and select recruits? Does an applicant’s motive impact his or her ability to join the force? Why?

Part 2: Officer Challenges

Now that you have answered questions about the requirements of becoming an officer, you have the chance to explain some of the challenges a police officer might face in the scope of his or her career. As an officer candidate you want to understand what you will encounter so you can be prepared once you are on the job.

Answer each question in 45 to 90 words each:

  1. Identify an emotional, physical, and social challenge that an officer may face.
  2. What are strategies an officer can use to manage or combat stress? Provide a resource that you could use to manage stress.
  3. What potential challenges are associated with career advancement in the field of policing?

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