Report Writting

Write a short report using Microsoft Word on the topic of “ransomware” utilizing the APA formatting rules and satisfying the following requirements:

The entire document must be a minimum of 700 words and free of grammar and spelling errors.
12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced lines, and a proper running header using Word’s header feature.
Page 1 must be a title page.
Page 2 must contain a brief one paragraph abstract (50 to 100 words).
The body of the report (pages 3, 4,…) should be broken into 3 sections (each of which should have a section heading using the “Heading 1” style). The first introductory section should provide a clear definition for the term “ransomware”. The second section should discuss some well-known ransomware examples and their societal/economic impact. The third section should contain ways to prevent/mitigate ransomware.
Use the Word “Manage Sources” feature to enter appropriate information for three or more sources used in your research. Your sources do not have to stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny. You are free to cite websites, news articles, and so on.
Use the Word “Insert Citations” feature to insert at least three APA style in-text citations in the body of your report.
The last page will be your reference page containing your APA formatted source list. This must be generated using the Word built-in “Bibliography” feature.
After you have completed your paper, use Word’s “Table of Contents” feature to automatically generate a table of contents based on the heading text and insert it below the abstract on page 2. Not all APA formatted reports will contain a table of contents, but some may and you should know how to do it.

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