Report Structure

Students will develop an annotated bibliography focusing on a topic chosen from the list provided. The annotated bibliography will comprise a summary and evaluation of 5-7 peer reviewed journal articles relating to CALD peoples.
Further information will be provided in the first seminar.

You will firstly provide a brief but critical introduction to the topic followed by a review of the articles. Finally, you will provide a concise analysis outlining your argument (based on the literature reviewed) about a socio-cultural issue relevant to your selected population group
1500 words

Based on your critical analysis of the academic literature in Assessment 1, you will write a professional report for a human service agency. The report examines the topic that you identified in Assessment 1 and outlines strategies for providing culturally responsive and safe practice in your agency.

An outline of a report structure and style will be provided, along with profiles of selected human service agencies.

2500 words

This assessment is a written critical reflection of your experience of the learning journey towards culturally responsive and safe practice .You will make explicit links to how this learning impacts on your developing professional practice framework. You are encouraged to keep a learning journal throughout the semester to support this assessment item.

You will be shown a short video on a current Indigenous topic. After watching this resource and discussing the issues with your peers, you should reflect on your individual knowledge, beliefs and attitudes at the beginning of semester and how these may have changed over the course of semester and what challenges you may have confronted.  You also need to make explicit links to how this learning will impact on your future professional practice and why this is important.

This reflection should be written in the first person; however, it needs to draw on relevant academic theory and literature.  You are encouraged to keep a reflective journal throughout semester to note your learning and thoughts to help you complete this assessment piece.

1000 words


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