Report – Emerging Technologies

While working in groups of two research and write a report on one emerging imaging technology and give a short 10-15 presentation to the class. You may look at emerging technologies in any modality including: CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Mineral Bone Density, Mammography or Ultrasound. Your topic can be focused on brand new equipment, a new protocol used for a specific scan, or even new hybrid technologies (think PET scans for example). While researching your topic remember to include the following points in your report:

  1. What?  What is your topic? Include how it differs from technology already in use.
  2. Why?   The main benefit?  Mention specific patient demographics or what gap existed in imaging to warrant the development of the new technology.
  3. How? Include information about the technology with an explanation on how or why it works.
  4. Where?  Which lab/company/country?  Is there anything similar happening in another country? How is your technology similar and how does it differ?
  5. Images? If possible include these in your presentation with a brief historic look at how that particular area of the body (or pathologic condition) was previously imaged.

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade. Written report 10% and presentation 5%.  All presentations will be on the same day during class time. Written report and PowerPoint presentation will be submitted on Blackboard.  If suggestions are needed for a topic, I have a few ideas.

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