Report Checklist

I have included: Yes/No
A title (which includes the effect of the independent variable on
the dependent variable & is used as the initial heading)
All subheadings (Abstract, Methods, [Participants, Design,
Materials, Procedure], Results, Discussion)
APA formatted in-text citations throughout

One paragraph summary of the report
Abstract contains elements from: introduction, methods, results,
and conclusion (in that order)
An opening paragraph that outlines the general topic
Include relevant cognitive theories & models
Critical discussion of previous literature & theories
A clear rationale for the current study
A clear outline of the aims & hypotheses of current study
A Participants sub-section, including the number of participants, a description of their demographic characteristics, how and where
they were recruited from. Sampling methodology.
A Design sub-section, including information about the study design and variables. Details of independent variable and dependent
variable. Details of any controlled variables
A Materials sub-section, including description of any materials and tasks, including references. Details of how materials or tasks were
scored. Include information about platforms and equipment.
A Procedure sub-section, including details of everything the
participant did in enough detail to allow for replication
Descriptive statistics (means and SDs) – option to include an APA
style table
Justification of chosen test
Statistical test results – presented in correct format
APA formatted line graph
Stating the findings in relation to original hypotheses
Discussion of findings in relation to relevant cognitive theory
Discussion of findings – relating to previous research
Limitations / future directions
Conclusion / take home message
APA formatted reference list (in alphabetical order and with
hanging indent)
SPSS output in the appendices*
Raw data in the appendices*
*a fail mark will be awarded if these are not included

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